The Nazareine Speaks at Solstice. New Waves of Energy Upon Earth. Staying Awake in a New Cycle.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of the Ultimate Truth.

It’s delight-ful, isn’t it, to be a part of such a spiritual family, bonded together with love from, and by, The Nazareine Himself.

Family here is used as like-minded, similar frequency and desire to be, together. Masks are not necessary in such a community that acknowleges and cherishes the truth of who you are; you are connected by Wisdom Teachings that constantly seek to uplift rather than diminish and recognise challenges as a part of such. At the same time each One’s life path is acknowleged, joys and tribulations together in a direct, precise, what-is light that pays homage to the Journey of each Soul whilst being full present during the essential (and therefore exceptionally important) human journey, together.

“When you told me in one of your messages that I would meet people same as me, I did not know how accurate you were being,” one of you said to me after the retreat.

Nothing needed here except to be present, however you desire. It’s ok to be open, naked in all that you’re feeling and undergoing, thinking and yes, even hoping too. No judgment here, because in each facet of each moment, we have all already been ‘there’.

Realistic rather than idealistic, with right use of your intuition you have no expectations (and therefore ….. little anxiety nor disappointment either….).

Just …. one step at a time, a simplicity of isness, in that, each, moment. From this being/no-being, you find both a great peace is already there as well as the tools to keep you so grounded.

This new cycle of Wisdom Teaching takes you a further layer into the Journey into Enlightenment. The Masters define ‘enlightment’ as being truly present, seeing all the different layers in material life, and being able to act upon these, as you feel. This is clear light, you are very precise in what you see, determine, and you are often imoveable within this space. It’s not stubborness rather, it is a straigth-forward non-desire to engage in anyone else’s space.

At the same time, you recognise the precioousness of All of Life, both material and immaterial (spiritual). It becomes All spiritual and Life is immensely colourful, full, brilliant, farseeing. And very very rich …. in love, life, experience. Devotion, discipline, connection.

Look forward, as always, with so much love.

Date: Saturday 16th December 2017

Time: 8am UKT/4pm Hong Kong and Singapore time (check your location time here)

Duration: About 90 minutes.

Where: Anna’s Zoomroom