Sacred Woman Moon. Working Your Shamanic Magik On Your Unique Potential

Sacred Woman Moon represents the female aspect of Spirit. Intensely primal, exotic, you explore yourself through material light to access that part of you that is pure feminine wisdom, aligned with both Nature and earth based conscious awareness. Sacred Mother, Earth Mother, Mother Nature – both inner and environmental to plumb and express the depths of your essential Being.

Last dark moon was deeply about relationships, took you deeper into your heartfelt response in terms of limitations and freedoms of circumstance sent to you by Spirit – to re-initiate any part of your Self that might have been lost in such along the way. You balanced the emotions and mind towards the Mind of the Heart and the Heart of the Mind, aware that any intensity, particularly that of focus, would well cause others to push back against you.

November, with emotional energy now more aligned to Self, In this live online gathering together you use once again shamanic energy, look at yourself in form, taking the energy of your power animal to mirror to yourself where within your personality your power lies. Your strengths and weaknesses are merely two parts of One, and you are now called to know clearly your characteristics. Through your totem/s you start to develop more your potential in the nature of your world.

Your Knowing expands. Courage arises further and further.

As always, yours in service and Love in another beautiful interaction of Spirit!

Starts at 8am GMT. Convert to your local time here.

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