Practice Group: Where are you headed now?

Together, we delve deeper and connect to the energy of All That Is by exploring answers to the question of where are you headed?

Just looking at the next steps and next half steps and with each one comes a choice. Everyone has a view, and that view is relative to you. We all have one journey. It’s not just a journey of this lifetime. It’s a journey of many lifetimes.

Right now we’re focused on these moments and what feels right to you.

After pondering this question and letting the energy settle, what do you feel now?

Re-member too, The Nazareine’s words… rebuilding starts with rebuilding at home, home in the heart to recognise again, where you stand, everyone is different. But the key to your progression for the remainder of this year into the next is… communication. It is a communication of the heart of what you see, shared equitably and with equanimity with those who with whom you remain in relationship, you share your heart, you share what you see, but you only talk about you.

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