Live Your Own Magical Life. And Bring Through Finally That (Desired) Magical World

I’ve heard from many of you on a spiritual journey how isolated you sometimes (often) feel. Lonely, too, at times.

It’s as though your experiences do not seem to count for as much as those others who might perhaps be living more practical, pragmatic lives of more black-and-white material reality. Good. Bad. Right. Wrong. Positive. Negative. And so on.

And yet so many of you have had – still have – regular mystical experiences that make life inherently so rich for you. Certainly a rich inner life makes it all so much more interesting.

There is more, so much more to everyday life than meets the eye. And you touch that through your practice.

In the black-and-white material world there is so much that cannot be explained. So when your “sixth sense” is active, that is wonderful. You’re able to see into other dimensions of Being, deeper into the world of nature, of energy, of conscious awareness. Of magic.

We all have this, all born with this. For many it’s either denied, or discarded by a conditioned, material life that asks you to fall into being ….. black and white….. And you who acknowledge your ability to see into the “Wisdom World”, you find that here essentially, there is not only Wisdom, there is too a lot of Love. It’s nuanced, so you have to go within, sometimes deeply, to seek it. But definitely it’s there, unconditionally.

And this is magical itself. Hold onto this, love it and grow it. It sets you apart from those others who work only from the conditional, black-and-white mental plane which is where loneliness exists because of their separation from nuance. From Magic.

Remember, we come from Love, and we return, all of us to this Love.

And in the many moments in-between, we are here to experience Love in motion. Love in action. This is true Magic.

Love heals, and by focusing on it, Love grows.


I don’t have to tell you, I know many have experienced this for yourself. Focus on this and you will always be supported by Spirit. And you journey with others too, on this same, much more consciously compassionate and open-hearted path.

Here’s a question then about those “others” who live only in a black-and-white practical world. Does this world work? Has it been working? For them? For you?

Is it a world wherein you’re excited to go to work? To challenge and change on a pin so quickly – as we’re all called to do by current circumstance?

Is this a world where you’re happy in? Really?

Because, for me, when I see the rubbish that continues around us, with leaders who are grindingly substantially myopic with regard to what we the people really need, and then we the people are asked to pay the price for their decisions; a media too who could be playing its part in creating a brave new world by reporting solutions, rather than the grindingly tedious same-old same-old (twisted) problems, it’s not working for me. And hasn’t for a very long time.

Which is why I do what I do, in my own way, to play my part in bringing around change. For change to be true, for me it has to start from the inside, with a focus on love and solution. And then to develop the ability to communicate this mostly because no-one is an island and fundamentally it’s never about any individual (ego).

This year has been one of structure breaking down. Next year is one of rebuilding. So rather than sit and look at what isn’t working, why not step in to create a magical world for yourself? A World of Magic? One where most people are connected to their Wisdom World, in an authentic, heart-felt way. That space of intuition wherein you receive all the answers you need, for that moment.

A deeper connection too with nature, that allows a magical communication therein too.

It’s a world of respect. And dignity. Listening to hear – and understanding. Talk from a space of “we” rather than “me”.

Herein you never feel lonely. And you’re using isolation to good effect – to look within. And think deeply. You just go within. And play too.

Such a world exists, right here – within you.

We can’t make this world for you. We can, though, show you how to get “there”, and bring “there” back “here”. It’s a journey, a Journey into, with and of Spirit. Your inner cosmos. You come from there anyway and you’re going to return there. Why not live it here too, during this material life?

And as you realign yourself to a much wider, bigger world, you too start to think in and with love, reach for the stars of y(our) potential. Focus on solutions rather than problems, and most of all, walk away from negative and toxic people and thought processes. The world starts to change then – really change rather than just talk about it as a something-maybe-nice-to-do-be-have-some-time in the future.

What do you think?

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