Equinox Sacred Virtual Retreat Gathering. Day 2. Having Fun with Spirit and Stepping Forward Together in Lightness of Heart

It has been intense. Very intense. So many people trying to do the “right thing”, only to find that everything’s been turned on its head almost the next minute, what was considered true and important being shown to be completely the opposite.

The Nazareine speaks on Directing Energy with What You See and Know. Working directly with the Principle of Polarity, it puts you once again in charge of your own energy and we hear this how this is happening through your stories of your intuition in practice.

We also explore the ‘Upside Down Rule’ of the universe and how this can be used to overcome obstacles and assist in releasing the intense energy. To be able to turn everything around on its head is quite fun. Especially in (Wisdom) group that gives uplifted context on a mutual human journey, shared.

Your assignment for the next three to six-month period is to see everything with the ‘Upside Down Rule’ and to find the joy and the fun within it.

I look forward to hearing your adventures at the upcoming Solstice Gathering.





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