Equinox Sacred Virtual Retreat Gathering. Day 1. Having Fun with Spirit and Stepping Forward Together in Lightness of Heart

Thank you again for stepping forward together in sacred retreat with The Nazareine, a time for you to honour not just yourself, but also a time to honour each other. To see yourself in shared reflection, in the gift that each one of you brings to this Circle.

These Teachings delve us deeper into consolidatory inner work. New energetic cycle currently settling on our beautiful Earth, it’s about doing new things, or old things in new ways.

The Nazareine speaks of Grounding Energy in New Space. Removing the judgment for whatever, to see everything in its true light of arise-maximise-dissolution.

To regain that part of your Self by focusing now on the dissolution. On what used to matter, no longer mattering. Fix the inner eye on the opposite pole to where you were. And head “there”.

Shifting energy in this way, directly and deliberately opens another pathway to Mastery.

All done within the context of Lightness of Heart.





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