Today (And Everyday) ….. Share a Little Light

How are you? Energy is still settling in a new external landscape.

And yes, it’s been very intense.

Just as you might feel that you’re (finally) putting your foot down on solid ground, you find that after all, you remain dancing on a shifting carpet.

And there’s no end in sight, not really.

It just goes on, doesn’t it?

A lot of chatter.

So let’s do this.

Let’s not add to the noise.

Let’s do the complete opposite – and fall silent. In fact, we recently had a community gathering that focused on inner Silence, because it’s only here that we can hear Truth. (if you’d like to practice, it’s here together with other community practices in the Raising Consciousness part of our Circle of Healing). There’s massive power in community, particularly when one comes together to send out the energy of peace, as we do, regularly.

Peace is just another word for Silence.

That is, Inner Space.

In your Silence, therefore, new things can arise.

To start with, you can hear yourself think.

Not about the words of others (or even their opinions). Everyone has an opinion …. and so many need to be right nowadays that it seems like EVERYONE’S SHOUTING in this rather intense energy…..

So let keep it really really simple for this period.

We don’t need to share our opinions. And we don’t even need to be right. Well, not right now.

We can all be right (whatever).

Because right now, the Earth continues with her consciousness shift.

A lot of things coming up to the Light, in many different ways.

It’s a kind of a sorting out period – of those who will stay in the “old energy”, and those who uplift with the new.

This sorting begins with your reaction to current events,whether you choose hope over fear, peace over panic. Nothing is truly as it seems and there are no coincidences. Truly. Right now, there is a need for you to come to know how you are feeling and to live your Truth that there is value in everything including perceived stagnation and change. And even loss.

We all have a part to play in this massive shift. Many of you reading this are already Souls in service, others are feeling the beginnings of a gentle inner call.

Each does it in their own way. And of course all is in Divine Right Order.

So …… let’s do this.

Today, I invite you to make a decision to step into Silence. And just observe what-is, around you.

Further, I invite you to make a decision to make at least one person a day smile.

It’s doesn’t matter how you do it – as I said, everyone is different.

Imagine, though, the impact when each of you makes even just one person a day smile.

You might not feel like it right now (and that’s ok too).

And ….. at the same time ….. when you’re willing to focus on this, it’s already the beginning of a huge spiritual attainment – which is the ultimate goal that Soul seeks. This is to know yourself in Community.

Community of Spirit.

And each smile ignites another’s Light, Life and Love on both human and heart-felt dimensions. Bringing Love to Life. Light to Love. Life to Love. And so on…..

At the very least, it keeps your connection to Source strong.

It’s much, much more than that, though.

Imagine that.

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