It Is Only in Your Silence Do You Hear Truth

In the community of Spirit, we seek to collectively heal not only ourselves but also our beautiful Earth which is undergoing a consciousness shift right now. In the space of the Inter-connectedness of All Life, everything is joined by a web. A web of energy, finer than light, even though it is light.

Love too, of course.

Love is beyond a feeling; it is a State of Being. This means you were born Love and you will die Love. And in between, in the here and now, you remain Love. It is a feeling and you will be challenged to hold this feeling strong when you feel you’re being pushed. By others. By circumstance.

Time now to cut through all the noise and there has been a lot of noise.  Noise is just noise, but it creates blocks to stop you thinking clearly.

In our communication, it is in the space between the words that you will find your silence. The silence allows you to fulfill within yourself the impact of those words. Here you decide what you accept and what you do not.

Silence gives you space to breathe. And in your own breath, you recover. You recover yourself.

Come back into your Strength. Your love. Your commitment to integrity. Balance. Your tenderness of Heart. Clear communication. And therefore, your Inner Peace.

Life, Spirit, All That Is has its own rhythm.

We call it Divine Right Order.

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