The Nazareine Speaks. Thus Spoke The Heart. Lighthouse of the Soul. March Equinox 2020

Change is everywhere. Wherever you look, structure is breaking down.

We are now at a space where there is a more than usual destructive quality to Life, You may even have a lot of conflict in your own. Or certainly, you’re witnessing conflict all around you as the collective fear body supercedes clear mind and reason.


As well, many people are clinging onto what-was in their world,

In the midst of everything, though, Life goes on, with a normality to the abnormality that catches the breath, that is, if one was not breathing consciously.

Here we are, now, in a world where change is not just coming, it has been accelerated and is already present.

Now is the time to be aware of how much people like to be in their comfort zones. YOU know that change is always irrevocable. Moreover, YOU’VE been frustrated at how few others realise the same. They think that eventually, everything will die down and go back to where it comfortably was.

It’s not.

The unknown can be frightening, best to eyeball it then, to know it, intimately. It’s both necessary and poignant.

Time now to help others confront these changes,  realise what “what-is” really is, now – and what is means to the individuality of our world. And see the many opportunities presented herein.

Everyone can then move forward in the light of unconditional kindness and compassion, because within the fear has been seen, therefore known and moreover, dealt with.

Discover how a simple substitution of the word “Growth” with “Change” reinforces inner strength in supporting others find their own core factor stabilsation during these tumultuous times.

The Nazareine Broadcast




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