Q&A – Where Can I Invest My Energy

Jane asked this question on a recent broadcast with The Nazareine.

“I don’t feel powerless I feel more powerful than I’ve ever felt in my life. I just don’t know where to use it that has any meaning for either myself or the world. And so, I’m kind of paralysed because as The Nazareine has said, I see the world very the world very clearly. So, it’s like the clarity is almost too much. The flip side of that clarity is finding places where you can invest your energy that has any value?”

The Nazareine response…”You see the situation with some of you, is that you are feeding into making the next move, is that because you believe that there is only one more move to meet. So, the paralysis comes, is that the next move must be the ultra-move rather than the next step. Very simple.”


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