Everyone Has Within the Keys to Rebuilding Our World. Now, More Than Ever, Live Your Potential

We are in the midst of profound, absolute change.

There’s been so much written about this that I won’t add to the millions already written.

Words are power, as well, words are tedious. So many trash theirs. Or misuse them.

So let’s talk about you.

Where are you? In Spirit, that is.

How are you?

Do you remain independent of thought, therefore free spirited?


Or are you pulled down by what’s going on around us today? Perhaps even violated by other peoples’ pain, or their need that others take responsibility for this?

What have you realised? And how have you changed?

There’s really a lot going on, some of which is under our management, most of which is not.

Which brings me to the point of our conversation.

One of my Teachers, many years ago, told me that Life is really like a cinema.

We choose which movie to watch, and go to that cinema.

We watch, knowing that it’s not real. Not really.

So we watch with a knowing that if we didn’t like it, we can just get up and leave.

But mostly we watch knowing that it’s not real. We immerse in it, to a point.

But not totally.

And we keep our peripheral vision open, and working. All the time.

So you are a part of the movie, and also apart from the movie.

We are in the midst of huge change in our world. Structure breaking down, so many different things shattered, some in an eye-watering way. And some too an interesting view on leadership value “out there”, both from those whose role is to lead, and those whose role is to be led.

It’s not over yet, I sense, there’s more to come, another wave of energy.

No one really knows when things will start settling down, and everyone knows (because we’ve been told, as if it’s not blindingly obvious) that nothing will ever be the same again.

So the thing with the movie that you’re watching is to that someone else might have written the story ……. but you get to write your own ending.

You can decide that you’ll only be led by your own wisdom. The Power of the Heart is much, much more than that lovey-dovey (emotional) expression that a lot of people call “love”.

Unconditional Love is the energy of Creation.

At heart level, that is really core level (yours), you are creating every single moment of your Life. Everyone does, except for most, it’s unconscious creation.

For you, here and now, realise that it needs to be conscious.

Doesn’t matter what the rest of the world believes in. What do you believe in? Starting with your Self.

As written here many times, in every downside there is potential for upside. You just have to think differently. For this to happen, you have to be willing to see differently.

You have to be willing to see a different view. And to be defiant about it.

After all, you might be involved in someone else’s screenplay, that is the journey of collective karma. But you can veer off at any time – this is divine right order that comes from free will and choice.

Choose to be different.

Choose strength.

Choose to stay empowered by going deep, deep within. Speak to your Guidance through your intuition to bring through that inspiration that you were born with. It’s called a dream. And you were born with several – it’s a part of your journey of Soul. Turn focus on your very considerable (because it’s eternal and infinite) power of creation. Don’t take no for an answer and start now to bring through that dream.

Make it real by breathing life into what you can do rather than what you can’t. And become an inspiration to your world.

It’s needed, now. More than ever.


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