Inner Heart Resource Gathering. Series of 3.

We have between, around and within us a very special Circle. More than something material, it is a lattice work of energy that criss- crosses the globe, paradox of being complex yet simple at the same time. Above All it’s a hologram of love – the Teachings of Love and the Living of Love. Multidimensional.

The new has settled now to be-come the new normal, yet the uncertainty continues. Important more than ever to maintain your strength – solidarity of Mind. Spirit. And Heart.

Question everything you are fed through the media. Continue to think for yourselves. And remember too above All that there is opportunity in everything.

Each 40 minutes of Pure Light Energy, continue to anchor and maintain your inner space of Divinity. And through this to continue to be a source of strength to others around you, who too are seeking to make their own way home.

Practice 1. Pure Energy Healing.

Pondering: ‘What is it you are willing to give up in order to move forward with Spirit… now the answer comes quite naturally… is that you give up a part of yourself anchored to the miasma.’ In order to hold the light and not compromise yourself, what insights can I invite you to share from the Wisdom of Your Heart?

Practice 2. Bringing the Energy Back.

Pondering:  Two questions asked of you moving forward:

  1. What do you understand to be “Light Conceived”
  2. And how does it apply to you?

Practice 3. Without Doubt, YOU Are the Light.

Pondering: Underneath one “why” is another, and so on, so forth. Time to leave “why” behind. The Knowing arises as it is revealed. That is all the Fun of The Journey. In a sense you already know where you’re headed, and to a certain extent too, how. This is the energy in which you step forward. Conscious choice is such a gift. Then your intellect can focus on other Aspects of Creation.


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