Conversation. Bringing Change, With Love

My question here, is that when everyone on our planet carries within them the creator energy, which is really the ability to bring about change in any way, how can anyone can stand by and watch suffering recur again and again, without motivation to step up and do just one thing, however small, to alleviate any part of it?

What’s the point, then, really, in staying part of the problem rather than becoming (or leading) a solution?

This is just a question, seeking an answer which, in reflection, engenders a certain opening of the mind through Will.

And everyone holds within their own answer.

As each one too holds within the ability to create change.

First of all, though, you have to love. You have to love anything enough to want to move towards it.

To be willing to do this is known as “Actualisation of Spirit”. It is a firing up of change as a part of your personal Journey of the Truth of Life. It elicits tremendous power because you are aware of yourself, your impact upon our planet through your own Life, and you are willing to do something that is beyond your self. Certainly beyond those other humans who spend their lives either focusing on small stuff or defending personal space.

This is the mark of the Spiritual Warrior, where inner expansion is done not because you are a hero(ine) but because something is needed to be done. Seeking to live together in creativity and Peace. And by stepping up and so doing, you create a massive expansion of Life experience that fills up your entire Presence.

In actuality, your Presence creates a living purpose that simply and effortlessly transcends the banality of everyday existence.

Precisely, completely, absolutely and without fear.

Think about it.

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