Ascendant Collective. Unconditional Love in Motion. Series of 4

Radiating Through Space in The Light of All That Is.

Contribute to restoring global harmony on planet Earth and humanity from this moment in our time, from escalated conflict, social, political, financial, and environmental crisis that no longer serve our collective good, and more.

As One, we will step into the higher frequency zone of the quantum field and connect with the universal source and light beings in clearing, dissolving, releasing and healing energetic distortions and dense vibrations that are not of the highest good and are keeping humanity in lower states of consciousness.

Spirit becomes a completely different experience, because you become your own Observer.

Pure Spirit, knowing itself. Spirit, in form, confronting ego, which is form. And dissolving itself. In order to know itself.

Freeing your mind and amplify the power of your soul with unprecedented connected-ness with Source and invigorate with Soul-speak to Soul-hear. This is your linear challenge that takes you yet beyond linear.

Then Love becomes real, no longer an aspiration.

Here is the first in the series of 4.

Ascendant Collective 1. – Looking At Division in Our World.


Ascendant Collective 2 – Expanding the Energy Body. Body of Light.

Expands the concept of “Enough is enough”. You’ve started now to do something tangible about “it”, whatever “it” is to you. And it has brought you to this space. By recognising and weaving the macro (or bigger picture) together with the micro (or individual picture) you get a much more uplifted view of All That Is both material and immaterial.

This is all about discovering. About Experience of Life.


Ascendant Collective 3 – Sacred Form in True Realisation of Divine Light as Love.

“You can only know yourself as a Body of Light within your cellular material body. Whether it is the cellular body of your lower mind, as it is in all your experiences, or the cellular body of your mind that is known as your physical body, you can only know yourself as Divinity through Structure of Light”.


Ascendant Collective 4 – The Nazareine speaks on your adventure of (inner) Life, lived with great Presence of Love.

On the basis that there is no external reality. It’s all within.

And Life too is All about awakening. Such is knowing, loving and accepting yourself enough to choose connection with those who too support Love and service, herein to both Earth and all her inhabitants. Sharing direct experience of joy that includes shining Light on the shadow and use the energy of Love to bring unity where there is perceived separation. Mostly from minds that have forgotten how to think for themselves.

You hold strong to that which you know is true. How? Because it’s resonant, within.

For you know that everything is energy, and energy too is Everything. It all depends on how you direct it.

And the time is always Now.

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