The Old Dream is Broken, We’re Now At the Doorway to a New Dream

You know, amongst all this challenging noise we’re surrounded with all day, every day, the one thought keeps coming to me over and over.

This is an old Chinese saying, “What if you found yourself in someone else’s dream. And they woke up. And were ashamed”.

Interesting, isn’t it?

And thought provoking.

There’s too much noise “out there”.

Too many conflicting messages.

A lot of anger too.

Management and mis-management that arise from conflicting messages.

Let’s stop, a bit. And ponder.

Take that deep breath.

Just a long, slow, deep breath.

Were you caught in someone else’s dream?

And did they wake up?

Whether or not they were ashamed doesn’t really matter.

What matters is whether YOU woke up in that dream?

Finding yourself wandering around in someone else’s dreamscape, that doesn’t quite work for you.

Lots of scared people around, amongst lots of confused thought-forms.

Time to bring the strength back to your core if you haven’t already done so.

And hold the space for Love.

It’s not about what is going on in our world. And it’s not even about why. And who is to blame. Everyone will have a different view, depending on their perspective and spiritual, emotional and intellectual maturity.

Whether they are independent, undependent, or dependent.

How they see themselves in the grander scheme of things.

Or not.

Your core strength is the knowing – and more importantly, the ownership – that whatever happens externally, you have an answer that works for you simply by listening to your inner voice.

And you add to that answer from your Wisdom Mind.

This then gives others the opportunity too to listen to their Wisdom Mind. And add to yours.

And together you can create something wonderful from what’s going on in our world, for when things settle down.

They will settle down. Of course they will.

Things always do.

The only thing in our worlds that never changes, is Love. And your Wisdom Mind is an aspect of this Love.

By being in your wisdom mind, and seeking opportunity now, you become that change that is needed in our world. Right here, right now,

You become that light in the darkness for those who too seek change, each sparking new thought from each other.

In Love and with Love.

Remember that you are more than a physical body. In essence, you are Love, embodied.

The old dream is broken, irrevocably.

It didn’t really work, anyway.

We’re now at the doorway to a new dream.

Craft it lovingly, and with care. And share it freely, and with Love.

And watch it evolve.

In harmonic community with those of the same resonance.

And also with those who are not.

And know all is well.

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