Meditation. Mother Nature. Step into Your Sacred Space.

This Practice returns you to Mother Nature and in her Invisible Forest, we follow the Flight of the Bumble Bee.

Your own inner, sacred space, where you know in your heart you always went to, younger, and now you are back, because it’s become a space of inner retreat.

You, with yourself, for yourself.

Your inner world and inner life supports your external world and external life.

It’s a journey that we will take together as we feel the Nature and her generosity, she gives and gives. In Spirit, we call this Abundance. The Abundance of your Inner Space.

Feel the energy as your attentions connect, become one. And it turns its attention towards you. You feel it far, far before you see it.

A spectacular rhythm, of joy, and play. Here and now – in your natural space, where you are inner observing, smelling inwardly that space where the wind blows through trees, birds sing because they have a song, the tide goes in and out, because that’s what it’s there to do.

And there is always sunlight on water.


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