The Nazareine Speaks on Coming Together in Community and Assisting Each One.

In this talk, recorded live, the wise and wonderful being known as The Nazareine shares his wisdom and knowledge on coming together in community and assisting each one to think outside of the box.

Now we are in the beginning of massive change, change that is being done in conflict, it has to be done in conflict because structure is breaking down. Structure has to break down for new life to emerge.

This is the Nature of Life.

By choosing Love and choosing Wisdom you are able to reach out to others to be together in community.

By doing this you will find that your life changes.

When you go around seeking to give Love, seeking to share Love, seeking to be Love, you’re going to experience quite a lot of Love in your life. Because this is the energy that comes through you and comes from you and brings the energy back to you unconditionally.

Next time you need to make a choice, consider these 3 questions…

  • What would Love do next?
  • What would bring me the most love?
  • How can I share the most Love?

It is very simple, is it not?

Would love to hear how you get on.

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