Practice. Finding Your Path to Peace.

Recorded Live.

In this Teaching and Practice, we follow the Path to Peace.

The key is to move forward and not look back to how things use to be, especially when the previous structure was not working. How it use to be really doesn’t work, except it is the known rather than the unknown.

Most people when they’re out of peace are afraid of the unknown and become disempowered, what happens is they forget they have the ability to think, and the ability to think is the ability also to think outside of the box.

In this guided Practice, you will come into what we call clear space and in this clear space, you can then access your natural being, your natural self before all the concepts of ‘what should I do?’

This space is what we call Peace. Everybody seeks this because when you are in that space, in that peace, you can think and you can see very far into the future in terms of how to become a master of your environment, both internal and external.

In this flow, you stop overthinking and just make one simple step at a time.

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