At The End of the Day, We Are All Just Memories…..

Really, that’s all that we are. Especially in these interesting times.

In the physical, every single memory is stored in our body, glimpses of light against a transparent photographic backdrop that we call our external reality. Their reflections driving our choices and actions often without us knowing.

Our inner eye sees them, though, they are always “there”, in our back of mind awareness. And through this therefore they are imprinted upon and colours that external environment, that we call “our world”.

Our memories are often painful. If so we unconsciously seek to alleviate the painful feelings so associated. Or, we seek to justify them.

Often too they are happy. We then seek to recreate the feelings that are associated with them, returning again and again to this, our happy space.

Either way, they keep you locked into the past, a series of mere snapshots of time and space that no longer exist. In a way too, I suppose, that time – and space – also, in the bigger picture, do not exist.

Pause a bit and think about this, it’s important.

As a healer, as soon as  I connect with someone, their history is revealed to me. Lots of little snapshots that altogether form one big picture. strung together in a necklace called time. My inner eye is called to that which needs to be addressed in that moment – usually an absence of Love of some sort – and the focus causes energy to shift, diffuse and release.

Permanent resolution comes from the seeker understanding what-is, that is truth, and is able to move beyond the memory, and therefore back into Love. Sincerely, there’s so little time – none at all, really…..

The human spirit (yours) does not see into the past nor the future. Everything is considered as being here and now, present moment. Your knowledge, understanding and acceptance of this allows you to make energy work for you, weave it for specific outcomes.

Choose to do as much as possible in Love, though, so your onward trajectory of Life – otherwise known as karma – is reflective of this. And if you can’t, for whatever reason, sit with yourself and clear your heart until you can. Makes life simpler in the long run.

Know too this.

That your memories have altogether grown you to who you are today, a singular reflection of all of them. How wonderful is that?

And when you are able to see, love and honour this, absolutely and completely, you are therefore able to see, love and honour yourself, absolutely and completely.

And this is a gift worth living.

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