The Nazareine speaks on Choose Love and Be Your Light.

Recorded Live.

Anna is channel to Spirit in the form of the wise and wonderful Being known as The Nazareine. Through her He gives insights on business, personal and past life situations, always with humour and very much love, assisting us to return to a state of joy, love and great inner peace.

In this conversation the Nazareine speaks on always choosing Love.

“We are all born as love and we lose loving kindness as we go through Life, sometimes we are most unkind especially to ourselves”

Life is the Present. The past is full stories, mostly retold many times through the filter of pain. When you can see this and are able to tear up the old script, you are able to create new stories that will then become your history.  When you are looking at your previous stories and you can tell it from a neutral perspective, nothing again can ever touch or hurt you as you have breathed it into your soul energy by understanding why it needed to be, it then becomes a part of you that you share in neutrality that is very profound.

Be Your Light.