Only Love is Permanent.

So here we are. In a new cycle of energy.

How does your inner space feel now?

How does your external environment feel?

Where do you find yourself now, spiritually?

And who do you now know yourself to be?

At the beginning of every cycle – however it is adjusted – it’s always great to know the answers to these questions.

It adds a purpose to life that is important, because YOU are important.

You are important to yourself. And you are important to others too.

Many of you hold light and balance to those around you. And beyond.

It’s a service that stems from your Soul’s unity with All That Is.

As you ask yourself these questions, you may or may not find that there has been huge change in your life. Some of it was your decision, some not. That’s Life.

What is constant though, is that the only thing that does not change is Love. Not at all.

It transcends time and space. And it begins and ends with YOU.

So now at the beginning of this New Energy, in addition to the Questions of Awareness listed above, I’d like to invite  you to include a new Practice.

Look at all the things around you that stress, hurt or upset you.

And change your relationship to it.

It’s a freedom that releases so much more inner space.

And allows you to fly, really fly to meet the otherwise joyful adventures of this New Era, now.

With very much love, as always.


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