Look at the Context of Your Life. I Did, Recently. And Got a Surprise. Well, More Than That….

Here’s something super interesting.

Well, maybe more to me than to you.

Spirit showed me my mortality today.

Wow, what a jolt!.

You see, over the years I’ve been super aware of others people’s mortality.

My husband, because he hadn’t been very well past few years (he’s super well now though #healing).

My mother, who passed recently. Even though she’d been super well until nearly the last minute.

My children (even though they remain and have always been super well – well, a lot of mothers do the same, don’t we?).

But never me.

Yes, I had a breast cancer situation 21 years ago. Sorted that, picked myself up and continued. Never thought I was going to die.

So it was a bit of a surprise when I saw my own mortality laid out there like that. Like, after a certain timeframe, I’m not going to be here any more.

Made me think.   

What is there left to be “done”? Achieved. Expressed. Experienced.

How will I be remembered? By my family? You too, who are also my family.

What will I remember, ie, take forward with me?

Believe me, it does make you stop and think.

Which is why Spirit did it, I suppose.

So much left to do. Experienced. Here in this New Era.

Most of all, so much love to be shared.

Really, that’s all.

So much love to be shared.

As i pondered this, I remembered the sequences I’d been thinking about for our next Profile – a Teaching on The Moment, and Presence.

It comes up over and over again because so many waste their lives.

Every moment becomes a memory as soon as it’s over. That’s how powerful Presence is.

Think about it.

In due course you, me and everyone else are going to be mere memories.

Just wonderful.

Make yours compelling.

Like mine.

Everything else is rubbish energy.

Simple truth is …..

Just be your love.

And this is how you’ll be remembered.

Can’t ask for more than this.


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