Emergence. Always Hold an Open Mind.

You are secure in who you are, and your inner eye is strictly on the ball of your own journey.

So you take nothing personally, except in knowing what needs to heal within, that ‘these ones’ are bringing the message to you and you take this as a kindness.

In this way you are able to hold an honest, truthful communication with them because you do not feel or you do not think, that you have anything to lose.

When you are willing to recognise the Duality of Life, you take another step into becoming the master of your own Universe, and you can create positive karma, or mitigate what is commonly known as negative karma. You recognise that everything comes in pairs. Love and Loss. Anger and Peace. Frustration and Elation.

Your human existence, that is Spirit in Motion, will always include these pairs. Always. Very often too one follows the other, sometimes in quick succession. If you are aware of such a situation, you become more able to move to mitigate one to another by expecting it. Such awareness can often neutralise situations, by you being able to open up compassionate communication.

The key here is to always hold an open mind.

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