New Year Coming and Your Future is a Bird In Your Hand!

Here we are, looking at another New Year!


How exciting!

Usually at this time of year you’re exhorted to do this and that, make new year’s resolutions for new start etc…. (blah blah).

This year though, rather than add more to what you can, might, need, wish ….. (whatever) ….. to do, perhaps consider cutting down what you do.

In other words, simplify your life.

So that you have space for new experiences. Such freedom!

Good way to do this is to go out with the wide open sky above you. Feel the earth under your feet and connect – really connect with nature. Yes, the earth can be covered with concrete – and that’s ok. There’s soil under that and it needs to be acknowledged.

There’s a lot of joy in doing this.

You are poised, you see. Ready.

In this way, suspended between heaven and earth, you look up and you know, you just know in your heart that the sky’s the limit.

So make that decision to let go. Of all the stuff that hasn’t supported you this year. And will be the same next year too (it’s not rocket science).

Then you take that decision to do that one thing in this year-to-come that will make the best memory moving forward.

Go on.

Do it! And fly! Just fly!!!

You’ll love yourself for it.

And Spirit will support you all the way!

Sending all love and the very best of everything in this new energy, coming

As always,

Anna x


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