Hidden Gem. Speaking Without Judgement

Where your world is at the moment, is there has been a great deal of emotion released. The world at the moment is drowning in emotion and you are watching this and to a certain extent you are also being involved in emotional attributes of what has been released this past several months. You saw this yourselves, with the emotional response to the sending of the money to a church in Paris having had its roof burnt. Quite a lot of money was sent emotionally for lots of reasons and then the pocketbooks were shut, and emotions forgotten and those that were in real need were forgotten and continue to be forgotten. 

Where you are standing now is on the edge of a precipice, many of you have built careers, many of you have built what we would say ambitions to be of help and to be of useful service and you have achieved this to a certain extent and now you are finding that people are no longer willing to listen because the human ego is willing up to a point and then they desire like the child where you are holding the back of the bicycle seat so they can do it themselves but their knowledge and application of Wisdom is not enough so like young children they do not believe they need the rubber ring to swim and they no longer need you to hold the back of the saddle they are happy to go it alone because they believe as most who know just a little, that they know quite a lot, and for many of you, you have had to watch the results of many years of hard work, to start to seem as it is crumbling down and it has to happen because these ones who believe they know it all must necessary step out to realise through their own hand that they do not. 

That they are just a part of the noise, they have no solution in mind therefore there can be no resolution and within the period of 3 to 6 months, you again will be able to step in and clean up very quickly because then what matters and that is your voice. 

Your voice brings through the formless in terms of ideas, by speaking these ideas in measured tone, without judgement, because during the time these others have been messing about, you would have had a nice holiday.

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