Conversations with Anna. Love, Light and Darkness too

Often when people come to Spirituality, they believe it is all about Light and Love but reality is, there is just as much darkness. Life is made up of Light and Dark. You have to have darkness to see the light and you have to have darkness to be the light.

Often on a spiritual journey life does become more challenging because fundamentally we have taken a vow of harmlessness. In this harmlessness you seek to do things with compassion, and you seek to see the question, the learning in everything and that energy can be harmonised in terms of co-operation. There are moments too where it has to be tough love but generally we seek co-operation.

When you are on a spiritual journey your energy becomes much more sensitive, you become empaths and you feel energy quite strongly and then the challenge is how do you put that protective shield around you so that you feel what is relevant to that moment.

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