Hidden Gem. Always Practice the What Is, not the What If

What is happening with quite a few of you, many of you, is that you are allowing what you see to trigger your own emotions. When this happens, it becomes very difficult for you to see truth, truth in your physical world means ‘what is’, it is what is presented in front of you. Many of you are looking at ‘what is’, some of you have smoke coming out of your nostrils, others have smoke coming out of your ears and have no humour about it, you are frustrated and you are angry, you are upset for whatever reason and your own insecurities therefore have been triggered. You have forgotten the key words of this practice is that nothing matters, nothing matters unless you make it matter. What you are mostly making matter in these past months of time is your emotional body.

Whilst it is true that you cannot look upon things as black and white, what you can be doing is saying to yourself this is excellent, we are making a mighty mess in such a situation, and I am delighted for them. Because when they are making such a mighty mess, I can go off and take a rest and I am going to go back when all the shock and energy has died down and I am going to have one or two words to say and I am going to give one or two ideas to the energy and that is that.

It is very very simple, what you have achieved now is mastery over the view because most of you mostly are now are seeing things clearly, the difficulty with many of you is that you cannot seek one obvious solution because there is not one. For you to come up with an obvious solution or a resolution you have to immerse yourself completely and absolutely in the energy until you make a decision to immerse yourself immediately and absolutely in a situation you will not be able to see what the next thing is for you to do.

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