New Beginnings. Time to Start Being Kind to Yourself.

It’s a very sad thing to say, but looking around me it seems that quite a lot of the world has forgotten to be kind.

Perhaps it’s because everyone has so very much to do, all the time. Modern life is very fast, there are a lot of stressors and tension is now the new norm. Perhaps too there are so many expectations of you, all the time too. Perhaps many of these are from you about yourself? With many too, perhaps you have so  many different responsibilities – and being fully responsible – you “just get on with it”, keeping your mind on what you need to do – and focus on ticking things off?

Communication then is often lost. Good feeling is often another thing that gets lost. And then it all becomes a habit.

Kindness is really a soft, gentle and affectionate state of Being. Sort of a warm and friendly, considerate and courteous compassion. Without judgment really. As in, “it is what it  is” (and from this space we progress) …………..

A gentle allowing, of what Spirit calls What-Is.

What-Is is Life in front of you. Spirit is all about seeing What-Is …… but in front, around and within you too.

Based on this, you make an evaluation, starting with the key question, “Is this working for me?”

And followed by “Is this giving me joy?”

The answer to both is a very simple “yes” or “no”.

If it is giving you joy, you continue with your progress,

If it is not working for you, sit down and ask yourself a question… What is not working for me and why not? From this then you evaluate your response to that current step and that is all that is.

And yet I see so often that so many people have built around them an extremely complex structure of inner dialogue that is the complete opposite of simplicity. Mostly because they trying to be – and therefore do – all things to and for all people.

It takes them out of present moment – and therefore too of natural flow of life.

Can anyone resonate here? Feel burdened about it, even?

Think about it. Just stop for a moment. Take a breath and consider.

It is a fact of Life that we’re only on earth for a finite number of days.

Whilst Soul is infinite, the material body is not.

It is the beginnings of Kindness to yourself to always ask yourself these two simple yet important questions stated above.

Listening to yourself first – your needs, requirements – and most of all of whether something (anything) is working for you and giving yourself joy; allowing yourself regularly to take a couple of deep breaths is an act of self kindness that arises from self love.

From this space you become more able to take that extra bit of time to be with your loves ones (starting with yourself). Enjoying simple pleasures of each moment.

Being present with kindness opens up space to be gentle. You are then more able to communicate, this includes both listening and speaking. In turn this leads to an enhanced ability to see What-Is clearly. Here too I guarantee that you’ll find humour.

All lead to happier memories, of just being, together.

Life is beautiful. At times too (maybe often), it’s challenging. Yet no-one is an island – it’s both about you and also through you – to others.

Choose to always be kind, then.

And in the ultimate law of reflection, it always returns to you. Simply because it’s your energy.

But you’re not doing it for that reason.

You’re doing it because it’s who you really are.

And Life therefore flows in a different way than previous.


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