Hidden Gems – You Are Parked in A Community of Light.

You all see yourselves differently and you all feel yourselves differently. Life for many has shifted, things that mattered then do not matter so much now as the river of your life flows whether you are present or not. Whether you are snoozing on your boat and missing all the sights because when you are not in body you are not really conscious. You lose consciousness, you lose consciousness about the awareness expanding. It does not need to be a massive effort, you just need to be present and to be aware, to allow many different layers of life and experiences. The preciousness of being awake right here, right now is beyond belief. It is a very rich time in the arts, culture and technology. Everything is valid as long as you have the right relationship and continue to know yourself within. You continue to know yourself and you continue to own yourself because those old self beliefs and the lack of self-beliefs and self-judgement is old, you’ve done it and you know yourself. And therefore you step out to enjoy all that life has to offer, you embrace every aspect that calls to you, that sings to you and you recognise that others do not do the same and they do not have an opportunity and that is their service to themselves to realise. Life is about realisation and you have realised yourself.

Now is the time to choose where you will focus your attention. Where you will focus your light, to hold the light, many candles of awakened minds and hearts become one and your voice therefore becomes more strong. You are parked in a community of light. The candle is very bright, stay within it and use it, both as your safety and as your comfort moving forward. You will be challenged; you will continue to be challenged but less and less as you move forward with your messages. Simple messages. Life is short, let us just enjoy it. You see, then you are able to lighten up yourself. You are able in knowing that in the choice of Love is just choice. Choose Love. Choose Light. Choose that which serves You first and then through you to others and your life will remain blessed for the rest of your Life.

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