Hidden Gem – Speak in a Rhythm That Asserts Your Tone.

There has been in your world some enormous happenings as people are starting to find their voice. Unfortunately within the human ego much of this voice contains within it a great deal of rubbish energy and now where you have been wishing in the past to be a participant in the communities of light, you find that you are having to be discerning as everyone is now demanding their say and much of this is not Wisdom. The world has been taught to value intellect and learning; it has not been taught to value Wisdom. Wisdom is the discerning opposition to a great deal of manufactured rubbish that we have said to you many times in the past that is coming out through the media.

So now you do not only need to find your voice, you need to speak in measured tone amongst those who stand upon the soap box proclaiming their know all of everything. You have to speak in measured tone and a rhythm that asserts your knowing and indeed your personal power of goodwill otherwise those that seek to claim the soapbox for themselves will point fingers to detract from those messages that you are trying to give.

Who has experienced this in the past months?

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