Hidden Gems – Focus on What Interests You and Explore.

So when certain cosmic structures are in alignment and you can read this in all your astrological charts, if you wish or you can just go into the pure energy without the words, you will feel as if there are no roadblocks, the road, the journey, the path, the river is smooth. Whatever you choose, there are no disharmonising factors, you call them curve balls, to be thrown at you perhaps because of other people emotions, other people’s choices based on lack.

You have to always be aware, you are walking your journey, your path constantly being invaded by those who do not see what you see, and do not know how you could possibly see such a situation and there are enough of them to disorientate you and to cause doubt. This is where you have no doubt, you become one with the omniverse that is your spiritual intuition and that is Spirit speaking to you and asking questions and then Spirit speaking to you again. That is what we call the in breath and the out breath of the conversation and others ask questions that choose your mind and your focus only that interests you to explore.

Do you see?

From the next full moon, we will have certain curve balls, if we call them rocks, rather than planets, you are not struck on astrology. There will be curve balls, which is why is this particular part of your time, it is time that is perplexing many of you, the aperture is closing somewhat but it is never closed shut, opportunity is always there, but you will have to probe a bit in order to find it and this month the aperture is much wider and much bigger.

You can just jump through, as if you are going down one of those tunnels in one of those water parks. It’s just a matter of choice, you work less hard to evolve the choice and you know whatever choice you are picking because you are choosing from the pool of infinite potential, chances are it will come to be as energies are so supportive.

Do you see?

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