Study Group. Practice & Discussion. Truth in Light & All That is Love.

Great Study Group, pleased that you are all where you are, now. Beautiful energy immediately upon coming together, just great!

Understanding that you are both light and dark, and the many different in between is very liberating, allows you great freedom to move through this current period.

Here is the opening practice, I suggest you do this regularly to keep your energy uplifted! And please scroll down too to relisten to the excellent group discussion, hear different things on the energy of Anger, cycle of Life, Light & Shadow and the space in between.

If any new thought or insight is triggered, please either drop me a line or put it on the group whatsapp chat – and we’ll take it from there!

Meanwhile, moving forward, The Nazareine set the following as your Presence Practice,

Some of you wish to evolve by immersing but certain memories hold you back. Others wish not too, but certain memories also hold you back. Look within, in this next period to recognise those one of two memories that come up all the time in the lower mind’s eye, that causes the continual evolution of that memory, which is really long gone, really gone. You are having conversations with yourself and with others too who are long gone, you have forgotten that moment that seared itself onto your lower heart.

What we would suggest to you to do as your homeworking as the next period is to focus on the happy memories that you have had, those memories of Joy, when you have been doing things that you have enjoyed, some of you, many of you, in jobs that do not serve you emotionally, physically or spiritually, but you are doing it because it serves a certain purpose that allows you greater scope for whatever it is that you are seeking to be allowed greater scope.”

Please ponder and enjoy!

Let me know how you get on, great love in meanwhile!

And a super interesting discussion on Space, Light, Dark, Movement, Energy, Neutrality and the more material aspect of All That Is.

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