Conversation with Anna. What to Do When Life Seems a Little Overwhelming?

The best tool to use when life becomes a little overwhelming is to simplify the situation you are facing.
In life we often seek to do more to release the busyness but really, we need to stop the doing and, in that space, we find the time to just think, be and to just feel. Everything is a choice and you choose what you are going to let go of.

There are always two questions to ask yourself when making a choice.

1. What is the purpose of me doing this?
2. Does it give me Joy?

The answer to these questions is very simple, it is either yes or it is no.

Then we are able to start letting things go. No one is a prisoner of anyone’s else decision, when you are able to step out of your self-imposed cage, you are able to fly. Everything is possible, you just have to decide that it is.

It is about choosing Life and choosing Joy.


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