Q&A – Sometimes I feel like it takes so long for changes in myself to be implemented, I know I’m being impatient, but it is frustrating to wait. What can you suggest?

Change does not need to be immediate, change can just mean defining the agenda for that part of the river and allowing the boat and the current to take you through and then you meet the energy with calm and equanimity
because you remember the agenda has become the journey and the ultimate goal is to live fruitfully without putting too much pressure on yourselves, most of you, early all of you now have proved that you can deliver.

The difficulty of many humans being together is that you all want it right now, nobody willing to undergo any sort of a journey in order to open energy, everyone focused on achievements. Once you are embarking on any journey the journey itself takes on a rhythm and the life of its own, you can call it constructs, templates, you can call it whatever, but after an hour a few days you call it a journey or whatever the journey is, you fall into a certain routine and then you find that the river of time moves quite differently because you are in a routine, it is understanding the routine and the rhythm and being aware of the systems you have put into place that supports such a rhythm and also be willing that if such a system doesn’t work for you then you immediately change it.

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