Hidden Gem – Spiritual Energy will Always Be Infinite.

Many people are addicted to the concept that nothing is going to happen, this is the situation you see. Nothing is going to happen, and they are afraid. The egotistical, the lower mind, has been bought up to believe in the energy of lack, this is the greatest illusion in your world, the world from primitive times until to present time, technological high grades upgrade, whatever, there has always been enough to go around, but because of this lack of understanding of the energy, of choice, your people overeat. Your people eat the wrong foods, your people choose junk food. The illusion is that all remains well, even though people shovel rubbish into their body, they continue to make excuses for why they do such a situation.

One thing in your history, particularly in modern history where there is the greatest amount of lack is that people believe there is a lacking in time. You see. Time is not enough. Spiritual time is of course that whatever you want you can bend time to your Will by focus, but people do not believe this, so they choose the other illusion. Do you see that there is not enough time? Or they do not have time, or they make excuses to choose whatever it is that they know is there discipline to live a devotional life and the only devotional life that we ask is that you live well.

You live well and you live by certain concepts or constructs which anchor your life and keeps your life anchored into Spirit.

Spiritual energy is the one thing that will always be infinite, always be eternal and you therefore do not need much more than that. Do you see? Very simple is it not.

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