Hidden Gem – Sharing the Frequency of Self.

Illusions are something that can be diminished and be destroyed by a single word and some of you have tried this in your own societies to get the blind to see through words, through actions and many of you have been outlawed until you become frustrated, unheard, angry or whatever… and you have decided you will outlaw yourselves because the illusion of material life on your planet right now has become very nebulas, new thought
is arising.

People choosing to do things differently as with all beginners, everyone starts at the beginning and everyone feels their way and that is accurate and you all being older souls, have particularly stepped up and your commitment as leaders in which ever field has been your karmic destiny, your Spiritual journey. In order to give a hand to bring up, step up, help up, whatever… others to your frequency.

You have become do as I do, rather than do as I say, and you are sharing just by being yourself and it is a frequency, the frequency has to be aligned first. This is where people not understand, these ones are demonstrating shouting, a cacophony of sound. The word is powerful, those that use the word to maim will that in effect be maimed themselves as at least be hobbled. Conflict has never achieved anything. Spirit, if there is conflict it is one or
two sharp movements to open energy blocks.

Humanity takes something and increases a frequency, a low grade murmur of pain that those who are devious or who have lack of self will or self-doubt, these are your addicts and they are not just addicted to the usual substance they are addicted to self-doubt, it becomes an addiction after a while and they have to reach out and fulfil it.

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