Hidden Gem – Reflecting Your Light Outwards

You are going to network quite a lot of different opportunities, because wherever you focus your inner eye, you will achieve. Some of you will almost achieve instantaneously, others will take a little longer of the journey, it is a journey of self-discovery now in the units of life that you have all rebuilt, all of you, that work rather than do not work, do you understand what we are saying to you?

Each one will have your own understanding. Each one has your own light that you are multiplying, and we would say the multiplication is not done by choice, it is done by karma, you came to acknowledge yourself as light, and by so doing and owning such acknowledgement, you are now able to reflect this light outwards in different facets of yourself, not just to bring Joy to yourself but continue the Joy and by so doing, touch others, everyone will do it differently, in your own way because ultimately light touches light and darkness as you know cannot exist in the light. It tries, through those who will seek to invade your space because being with you feels so jolly good and therefore you all understand boundaries enough and understand give and take which is really the karmic law of balance. If you feel it is not balanced, then you stop giving.

Do you see? If you are receiving a lot from someone, you give something back and we would prefer it is not something material because materiality at the end of the day means nothing.

Materiality is just an illusion; it is a series of thought forms that join together by collective agreement for everyone to be experiencing something similar.


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