Hidden Gems – Living in an Effortless, Boundless World

Once again some of you have been battling the storm of Life, some of you have coasted over but not without wondering what is the point of it all. Whilst endeavouring to stay in your own space, there are others who have a dependency upon trying to invade it to snatch a piece of your light, however, it is done, it is still something that is done, we would say it is motivated by greed, you see.

Many people do not understand that the world is effortless, the world is boundless, and the world is limitless, you are, all of you at the beginning of this journey and have had to clear inferences of situations of self-doubt. A little bit of taking yourselves too seriously, but most of all holding the light of an ability to be in the light almost constantly and consistently and being weighed down by those that do not understand that everything that you have every desired, the outcome is already held within.

The situation is once that you have chosen it, it becomes a finite energy and when it comes to pleasure or joy, the situation remains that you wish something that goes on forever. It feels wonderful because it feels good, so the denial of what is arises has a life and winds down again is something that many deny.

The Hidden Gem Series. Living in an Effortless, Boundless World

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