Hidden Gem – You See. You can have Anything you Want.

Many of you hold on to pleasures, some of you hold onto to the fact that life is problematically, these are situations all intended to have a beginning, a middle and an end and then you see that the spiritual motivation is that after you finish, sequences of pleasure or sequences of tragedy as you would say or we would say sequences of opportunities to open new space, so let us rephrase this. Sequences of pleasure and sequences of opportunities to open new space and immediate growth.

Some choose to go into denial, that’s when one pleasurable instance ends and some hold this belief as though it is the last of all the situations that is of pleasure, that is of a worthy or valuable experience and so by holding onto this energy or desire to keep what was, into the realm of what is, you become stuck in space and so the stuckness is what causes the disorientation of inner energy because many see themselves as who they were in the past. Who they were in the past becomes a reference point that has no substantiation to who you are in present moment and who you are growing to be, of course, many in this Circle have released this situation and many are moving forward but if you are finding yourself stuck in space, recycling old whatever’s we would invite you to take a look at self-belief systems and to put them on a little spreadsheet and you can see what it is that indeed you continue to believe about yourself that is no longer relevant and has not been relevant for a very long time.

All of you now are in a new paradigm and certainly recent moon energy has opened a completely new vortex. It is the third in a series of 3, in the astrological charts that you read, it will tell you the same thing. The last 3 moons that follow from moons of the last 3 years, many supermoons, one after the other building energy into an entry portal, where you can have anything you want.

You see. You can have anything you want. You just have to choose it.

The Hidden Gem Series. You See. You can have Anything you Want.

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