2019 Retreat Teachings of The Nazareine Wisdom Circle – From Darkness into Light. Feeling and Knowing The Gift That You Are

Beloved time together in these superb energy vortexes, in harmony with All That Is!

Where you were able to let go of all responsibility – and embraced Spirit in pure form. Enjoyed external landscape and discovery of each other’s through company well kept.

And of course time too where we had a lot of fun!!

Here are your Teachings and Practices of Truth that you worked through on our adventure at these sacred sites, as Spirit called, that gave you flexibility and choice in selecting where you wished or felt guided to practice, sit, be and reflect. And of course to repeat them now takes anchors further that energy then experienced, and takes you too to different places.

Simple yet at the same time complex, here you are guided to question different aspects of Life and is in addition to The Nazareine’s Teaching during our retreat together. As you allow too the energy into yourself, your inner eye opens further to see past lives herein, and from these too take your messaging from Spirit.

The Nazareine Himself too speaks, synchronising your journey for you to experience more fully the synchronisation of Mind and Body. Continues your Path of the Journey, particularly direct experience in such sacred spots, energy of which is seldom touched in these modern times.

i Teachings and Practices of Truth

1. Hello from Anna >>

2. Already An Excellent Journey – Accepting the Nuances of The Human Condition to Break Down Confusion. i) See clearly in Truth what is in front of you; ii) Look at what you Fear, what is the Loss; iii) And see what lies on the other side of it. >>

3. Facing Self The Intrinsic Darkness is About i) Accepting Your Imperfections ii) Understanding Emotional Ties iii) Knowing (Old) Patterns of Thought and therefore behaviour >>

4. Opening the Light is Waking Up to Choice. Key word is Yes. i) Wherein Chaos You find Inspiration. This Serves Your Desires and Direction; ii) What is Your Courage? Where are you Bold?; iii)Having Climbed the Mountain of Your Desires, Determine Permanent Resolution. >>

5. The Future is A Bird in Your Hand. i)Changing Your Story is the Ultimate Truth. Spirituality without Guidelines nor Shoulds is Ultimate Freedom; ii) Everyone is a Potential Friend. Power of Relationships and Community; iii) Kindness Kindness Kindness (Starting to Self) >> 

ii The Nazareine Speaks

Looking at spiritual concepts of Truth, Harmony, Balance and Love.

1. Delphi. Temple of Apollo >>


2. Short Discussion on Religion with Ambros at Delphi >>


3. Opening Light. Teachings on Balance >>


4. The Nazareine on Balance, Harmony & Truth >>


5. Teaching Practice on Balance, Light and Dark at Temple of Aphaia, Aegina >>


6. Review of Spontaneous Practice, Temple of Aphaia, Aegina >>


7. Review. Anchoring the Love Within Balance, Harmony & Truth >>


8. Teaching Practice. Sacred Sun Moon Balance in Harmony, Truth & Love. All That Is. Temple of Athina, Acropolis.

iii Life is Made of Lots of Memories

iv Sunset from the Acropolis with Love from Robert

v Moving Forward in Anchored Truth, Balance, Harmony & Love

Thank you again everyone for stepping back into this amazing Circle to open further your view.

Your four points for continued reflection stems from the basic teaching of Truth, Balance, Harmony & Love, and the Commitments you made with and to Self when you were all last Present together.

You weave this with your also commitment to have fun, and you find that Life – your Life – altogether becomes more refined.

Simplicity at its best, where your focus is Peace that stems from Joy,

Here is the recording of our review conversation together – loads of lovely gems there for you all to ponder.

Opening ever more to view so many beloved, hidden – and therefore sacred – aspects of Lives well lived.


PS Remember too as you become more and more practiced in expressing Spirit that you also continue to include other (mostly, peoples’) perspectives in your view. So your seeing is always as all-encompassing as possible. This does not mean you take responsibility for nor are accountable for/to them. You are merely looking to see a much wider view.

Then your choices become very sincere, very considered, indeed.

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