Q&A – How does it feel when you are listening to your own inner voice, your own Spirit?

It gets you in the flow as it takes you one step, one layer at a time, you don’t know what the outcome is, you don’t need to have a deliberate outcome, then you are empowered as you can take the energy and you can weave it as you will in the moment which is Presence. In the moment, you are always asking the question, does this feel right and right is Divine Right order and if you are asking yourself that question, you are giving yourself that answer in the moment. It either feels right as you are sensing the energy or it doesn’t, so all the human layers… the anger, the self-love is really attention and presence back into the self, that is the empowering factor and that is liberation and that is freedom.

Energy is free, Spirit is free. So you keep yourselves now in your freedom and if it feels right you will follow that energy. If it doesn’t feel right, you must seek what it is about and then you’ll sit and have a conversation with yourself, it will resonate because you will feel the difference between your ego speaking and spirit speaking. How you know it is your ego speaking, because it is always limiting, the ego always tells you
what you cannot do, Spirit always tells you what you can do.

You will know the difference.

It’s perfect.

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