Initial Steps to Mastering Fear

When was the last time you were gripped by fear? Can you remember?

Or is it with you all the time?

We are all beset by fears, quite often. These range from little thoughts of what-if, to full-blown panic attacks and everything in between.

It’s the mind running away, having a mind of its own.

And we allow it, otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

Most fears arise when people think they can’t do anything about something (whatever). So they sit and think the same thoughts, over and over again. In this way they feed continuously into the problem, rather that into the solution.

And then it just goes round and around, in a pattern of thought that then locks, and locks your freedom within it.

The biggest proponent of Fear is Love.

That’s an interesting concept, is it not?

Think about it though.

With Love comes loss.

You see, the polar opposite of Love is Loss. It’s not Hate, as some people imagine.

So if you love something, someone, you will experience Loss. It could be one big loss, or lots of little losses over time.

But loss is loss.

And many people don’t know how to deal with it., so they think about it all the time, either front of mind, or back of mind doesn’t matter (see above). And it then becomes fear.. And it becomes fear.

How to deal with fear, big and small?

Well, first of all, you have to want to, enough to work in it to make that difference you’re looking for.

You start Best by recognising it, so you can look at it, with interest. This is the beginning of a Practice, that is really a sequence of direct action on your part to bring yourself back into your Self – this is known as Balance, or Clear View – you look at it in a way that forms a relationship with it, so you get to know it very well.

This is the space of The Observer.

Your emotions are likely to be high, this is often the case when you are in Fear. So together with your thoughts going around and around, your emotions are doing the same thing too.

You sit in this, fully present, for as long as you need. In these moments, you are fully present, watching, feeling, experiencing. Breathing very deliberately.

And you will eventually find that the wild thoughts, that have been about the same things again and again, will eventually abate.

And you will once again be in clear space.


Now you can move to the next step.

In your Clear Space, you will have a more Clear View.

Here, you ask to know – hear, or see, depending on how you usually interact with your intuition – next steps to move out/clear/direct the situation.

Then you sit and listen to your Self. Make a note of what is given to you, usually right at the beginning, because it’s important. First thought is usually your Guidance, that part of your Wisdom Mind that is always there, waiting for you to tune in.

Anything after that is usually the ego, otherwise also known as manufactured fear.

Take your Guidance and breathe it in. Accept it as an aspect of All That Is, that you also are a part of.

The hardest part of owning communication with your Guidance is to trust it.

Trusting it is the same as trusting yourself.

It’s a practice, because you have to do it again and again until this, not your fear based thoughts, that are natural right order for you. And I invite you to do your intuition practice again and again until you feel that resonance of Truth. Without question.

And own it.

When you own your Truth, Fear has a habit of dying down. Because there’s not usually any inner space for anything else “in there”.

Unless you choose to be in drama. But this is a topic for another day’s teaching…..

So there you go.

Being in and owning your Truth, desiring this more than anything else is the way to progress.

Because from your Truth comes next steps to move you forward, way, way, way through your fear and into the space of Resolution.

Everyone has this ownership within.

You just have to choose it.

Please do.

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