Hidden Gem – Living in Truth and the Truth of Living.

Then let us share the space together. Just breathe together to know you have transcended, that the search is over, and the true living can begin. It is living in truth and the truth of living that you seek.

You have found that place in yourself that others call Peace and that you call Space. You Space own and inhabited by yourself with an invitation now outgoing for others to learn to step in. To enjoy together and to inspire those around you as they remain in pain and it is the pain of passion.

We will sit, we will ask to see again your soul colour and it may be different from previous and you feel what it feels to be your space and from this heart land you remember the place from which you have come originally, is essence and if you wish to use the space for the higher eye to show you the view or you can stay in space to allow the view to present to you, when it is the right rhythm, all is well.This is a very safe spot and a very sweet spot as that is your song of the soul.

Life has value as you are willing to share it purely and deeply… or not. For all of you it has been a wondrous journey out of the ego, you have claimed spiritual space and we honour you for this.
Go out now and multiply.


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