Hidden Gem – Light Knowing Light

You have all of you for a large part put down your defences and you have seen the power, the efficacy of being in a community which evolves itself and we congratulation you.

Each one being very aware and each one being very responsible in terms of the in breath and the out the breath, it is the absolute of a Spiritual union that you are having with yourself with others around and is not easy
to have achieved at some stage with other situations we have watched other teachers try to effect neediness of the ego, always key. This one you have all been very aware of karma, in breath and out breath, so all of you have become aspect of the One, each one bringing a different layer of light, a different layer of sound, but for sure each one coming fully clothed in Love.

This is something very special that you have all created together. We would say as a Spiritual family that such a situation at a very fundamental level meets the human need of coming home to one self, but not on a human level you have transcended this. Spirit has always been and always will be everything and you recognise this, and you experience yourself in such a community.

You have no other needs because you know transcendentally, you have accepted yourself and you have come home to yourself, such a safe space can ping-pong out to experience the different wonders of life as it is intended to be and at the same time you will have your moments, some of you will have meltdowns or have had meltdowns, but they all are for nothing as the time has passed and you have remained in your knowing and that is all that
matters. The relationship of Light. Light knowing Light, without darkness is a major achievement, indeed.


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