Hidden Gem – As You Grow, Spirit Grows.

You see and you move through each room in the coven and you explore it by feeling it and as you feel it crystalline structure, your soul energy matrix becomes stronger. This time next year we will be having quite a different
conversation with you, by that time the work would have moved further.

We would say to you, whatever you wish from now on, you only need to think it and to be very loud and very clear and you don’t keep changing your mind and it will come to path provided you put the caveat that it is to everyone’s higher good. Then and this includes yourself that your language moves beyond meaning, what I give in order so that I may receive which is transactional and it becomes about we because you are included in that ‘weness’, the isness of the we includes yourself and the greatest thing is in the highest good world is the more you give the more you receive and you do not give for that reason.

You give because it is there to be given and it gives you much pleasure to see another grow and the foundational principle is that as you grow, they grow. As you grow so does Spirit and you lift in harmony now to a higher order. You have all of you for a large part put down your defences and seen the power, the efficacy of being in a community which evolves itself and we congratulation you.

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