The Nazareine Wisdom Circle. Ascending Mystical Practice Connecting to Love of Learning & Learning of Love.

Working with the energy of His last teaching, you recognise that you are now moving forward quite substantially. Sit in the light of how it looks like or feels like to you? 

Energy is I Will.

You see now clearly where you used to be, and how you’ve worked through my desires, pulled yourself up, out of that whole mess. So you have a context of how it feels to be where you are now, and where others still are.

Now very different energies.

And now you’re starting to harvest, or putting in the last few bricks of your new superstructure of Life.

“Many of you are now looking, the horizon is now where you have reached,: The Nazareine taught. “Previously it was the horizon and previously the horizon was just the dawn breaking and your heart had that inner yearning to go there, forward to that horizon and you now find, goodness gracious, you are there ? ”

How does it feel therefore to be “there”

“After all, you have reached the horizon and in front of you is a massive vista, which is a view of many things now for you to enjoy. Do you move forward strongly into new experiences or do you still look back and see who you can bring with you, now you are at a choice point, knowing there are no such things as human heroes, knowing that you now have a choice and knowing that, no choice is wrong.  >> Now that you know you have reached a certain point, how does it feel? What does it look like? And hear what it sounds like,” He added.

Your practice took you into your already-there vision of where too, next for each of you? An opportunity to connect with the energy of Spirit, in One word, of that which you are encapsulating for this next period. This is the concept that you are building upon, that encapsulates this energy. 

Reflecting the acceptance of the Divine within.

The realisation here is that when you’re living in love, on a human level you are always facing loss.

And each person has their own ways to cope with this.

Just resonate this energy, this insight.

And from this ultimate fear of Loss, you split the energy into one or more little fears. Please just resonate this.

So then many of you look at the fear, of whatever, or maybe lots of little fears.

Remember, Loss is the polar opposite of Love. It’s not hate. Hate is merely a human emotion that can be changed easily by external circumstance. For instance, the one you hate comes to grovel to you, and immediately this emotion shifts.

No, the opposite of Love is loss.

Please step in here to feel the Truth of All That Is within this teaching. Fearlessly go into this energy to see how you cope with it.

And from this you realise what is the basis of your challenge this past period.

The Knowing, that you have again re-embodied back into your Oneness, as individuated aspects of One, already starts the integration process.



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