Q&A What do you mean, when you talk about seeing yourself in reflection?

There is no external reality, it’s all within and it’s projected out.
Whatever is projected in you, is projected out by the mind to make material.
It’s very simple, as you are clearing stuff around you, the projection is direct, it is instantaneous manifestation. So, if you say to someone A, B, C and they say that’s very hard… it is going to be really hard. But if you ask yourself which part of you is thinking that it will be really hard that they are reflecting, and you deal with that within yourself, then that external projection will fade away and it becomes a direct route.
There comes a time when you also have to differentiate is this reflecting me completely or is it reflecting the other person only. That is where the boundaries come in, when you say this is not me, this is them, the journey continues but you are not engaging in their space, they have to engage in yours. Your aware of your space, it’s empty, you know your emotions, you know who you are and you know where you are heading, so this is not your stuff and until you get into that space it becomes your stuff, the hooking in is a two way thing.
It takes two to engage, it takes two for Spirit to be reflected.

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