Q&A I’d like to hold space for a friend of mine, but it doesn’t seem to be working?

You can never hold the space for someone else if they don’t want it.
We all love people and we hold space for them, but we can’t do it for them, you ask yourself why am I holding space, this person is not moving forward. There has to be a balance between holding space for other people and giving them the momentum to heal, there comes a tipping point where you realise they are not going to heal as it is not their karmic journey or to the fears of their personality and then you have to choose what you do
with that information.
You can always hold space for a person to heal and then get on with your own life, free will comes in and you are not trying to do anything, they could be motivated to make a different choice for themselves.
No one can tell you what is right and what is not, you are the only one to sit in the energy and feel it.

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