Hidden Gems – The Chariot of Light

You have now come out of the vaults of destiny which has closed off pretty much all of your karma. No further need to create more karma. It is what it is, you choose what you choose, and you can explore anything that sings to you, because that becomes the song of that crystal. The crystal becomes your own chariot of light, the crystalline structure is also what you see through to retain that fluidity, that as you move further into that next cycle will enjoy playing with energy more and more because it gives you great joy to be on your own service to mastery. The first two months of the year will be up and down. Changes and people will be asking questions on a macro level, the first three months on a micro level it is an individualistic level, which is given to you to resonate if this works for me in the new cycle or if this does not, this person resonates in the new cycle, this does not. There is no black nor white, it is just a view to looking to see a job you create in the last cycle may not longer work for you in the next cycle. All is well and you have created by doing your mental press-ups to create it, you know that you can do it because it has been done and if you choose to recreate something, perhaps in a different environment, you know you can do it.

When you have done it, you may choose to redo similar steps, or you may choose to throw it all away and start again, only you know, only you will know by connecting to you own guidance and having a conversation with your own higher self and your own conversation with your own higher self does not need to be about why, because in Spirit there is no why only in ego do you need to understand why because the understanding of the why alleviates pain. You only need to know what, you don’t even need to know how because like the Ambros it doesn’t matter anymore on the how. Just need to know the what, how becomes a wonderful exploration of the many different covens inside your personal crystal pod, because each one is crystalline energy, see through as that is the layers of life and you are adept at reading the layers and as such by practicing in daily life your adeptness arises cause there is no more fear, relationship, working relationship, a high end relationship with your intuition, really us speaking in the form of your guidance directly.

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