Hidden Gem – What Would Love Do Next?

Intuition works all the time. So, your choice is how long going is the series and do I want to continue it by being a frequent viewer and what will love do next. Two questions to take away with you that is a part of the first question what you choose moving into the new cycle, because the new cycle is where you are stepping already as a known as an acknowledged adept. It is no big deal to be given that recognition as you know. We do not give Spirit on a plate and the Channel herself is a rather hard task master because of the quality of work that is required because of the focus and the discipline in order to leave past behind … part of the dullness of life and not of the sharpness, not the multi-layer, multi-sounding, multi-viewed lives you have all created. Life has become very interesting indeed because you do your Practice. Your Practice takes you out of the Maya. It is old movies with people wearing old costumes, it is as if you walk back into Dallas or some such soap opera wearing the clothes from the 1980’s. You are seen as old-fashioned, old energy.
Our first question was to make a choice, the second question was to ask yourself in terms of the subtleties of choice, whether you wish to feed into someone else’s addiction and what would love do now and the third question we pose to you to consider is, what will you do now to give yourself Joy and to make your life more interesting. It is just a layer because most of you are living the dream life already, you have created it from the last several years. You have anchored it, you have aligned it. It is now in its own way because it has been done, you have become more one with it. The difference of frequency between doing it and living it and now making it a bit more flat so the next layer to make it more colourful, so that when you look back you have always seen that you have been living a colourful life, is what would please you?
And only you can answer the question.

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